Versatile Blogger Award

Thank you so much to A Momma’s View for nominating me for the versatile blogger award! Go check put her blog, it’s a fantastically unique lifestyle blog that I find myself getting happily lost in!  I started my blog less than a month ago without much of any expectations as far as readers go, especially not this kind of recognition, so thank you!

Alright so here are the rules for my nominees that i copy and pasted from A Mommas View’s nomination:

  • Thank the blogger that presented you with your award.
  • Link to their blog.
  • Select 15 blogs/bloggers that you feel have awesome blogs–whether you’ve recently discovered them or you follow them regularly.
  • Nominate those 15 awesome bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award—you can link this page if you want.
  • Lastly, tell the person who nominated you, and everyone else, 7 things about yourself.

As I’m still getting used to this blogging world, these are my nominations for the blogs that have inspired me and helped me as I continue to learn everyday:


Incidental Naturalist

The Ocean Enthusiast

Ordinary Adventures




My Red Page

Laura Gabrielle Feasey

Girl on the Contrary

Ok, well maybe I’ll just nominate 10

7 Things About Myself:

  1. I love to hike and escape and get lost, yet I also love to explore big cities
  2. I am from Northern California
  3. I love to cook and experiment in the kitchen
  4. I have a netflix binge problem
  5. I talk and think / word vomit A LOT
  6. My three older brothers are my favorite people in the whole world
  7. People and their thoughts and views fascinate me

Music- Cool Ghouls

Recently discovered this band in one of the many hole in the wall music clubs of San Francisco and fell in love with their refreshing twist on a 60’s retro sound. Rolling together indie psych rock and dancable summer-lovin vibes they have developed their own unique sound- “Guitars veer abruptly from snarling fuzztones to folk-rock chimes and back, while the cascading three-part vocal harmonies are sunny exuberance exemplified, but never fussy or precise, and the songs are downright catchy”, reviews  Jon Young from Mother Jones.

Review and Grace Music Video


Hopelessly Homogenized to Endlessly Electrified

Scream it on the hillside. Roll in the earth. Dive in the waters. Climb great feats. Just GO!

Since when have we become a world of homogenized monotonous dreamers stuck behind the icy blue glow of social media. Too often people take their surroundings for granted, too focused on the pictures on their screens rather than the picturesque scenery around them. Stop liking posts of nature and adventure, dreaming about the day that you too may go there… that day is today, make your dream a reality. Go, really go. Experience, really experience. Feel the rush and exhilaration of running through a wooded path, dodging roots at you feet, flying around bends, looking up to the blue that peeps between the leaves above you. Don’t worry about getting that perfect instagram worthy picture, do it for the hike not the like! Do something because you want to, because it’s fun, because it put a smile on your face – not because it’ll get the most retweets, or likes, or because society tells you it’s something you should be doing. You know it has been a great day when you come home with mud on your shoes, exhausted, sunburned, and sore (never will a shower feel any better)! Dance until dawn, dive in the deep-sea, breathe sweet air, forge through great forest, expect the unexpected, electrify your every sense.

Do what creates the kind of happiness that you feel coursing through your vanes and rattling your bones. Time is too limited, too fleeting to spend it any other way. It’s simple days spent in nature that create deafening whispers of joy and love.


Roaring Simplicity and the Fondest of Memories

 It’s the simplicity in the world that brings the most happiness. Days spent away from the noise, the noise of technology, the noise of humming social media, and the noise of toxic judgments, are days that build the fondest of memories.

 Escape. Drove through the sheltered walls of my small town to… simple escape. Accompanied by three of my friends,I took a much deserved day off to flee to the coast, to a beach at which I have spent endless summer days with never a sour moment (except of coarse the all too often sun burn). There isn’t a better feeling on a breezy summer day than falling asleep on the warm sand to drum of crashing waves as you defrost from the hours spent diving through the icy northern California waters. It is a simple, carefree, summer lovin disposition that seems to melt my body down to the purest of simple joy. Stinson beach- surrounded by its quaint town, rolling green coastal range, dancing blanket of fog, and its roaring ice blue waves- has created a home in my heart.

It’s the simple days I spend at Stinson that create the fondest of memories.

Made - craft store and gallery of Stinson

Overlook: drive to stinson

Small Town Charms: Sweet Summer Songs

            We strolled down a worn alley that we had passed countless times but had never ventured; a small garden of vegetables and sunflowers to our right, and the glow of the setting sun in front of us. On top of rocks at the waters edge we find a collection of quaint  waterfront homes hidden from the bustle of 1st street. Over the vine covered concrete wall of one of the homes comes the sweet tunes of classic summer music.

           My two best friends and I quickly took stance, perching on rocks and dancing (if you can call the spastic flailing of limbs “dancing”) to the music all in unison without a single word exchanged between us. Suddenly, we were no longer in the word of the bustling 1st street’s 3rd of July parade , rather we were the only three people for miles (or at least for the few yards it took to get to the neighboring home’s fence), it was as if the stroll down the alley had transported us to a whole other world. Our only care in the world became whether or not our incessant laughter would cause us to pee our pants.

         We were in a story book- orange glowing skies, blue bay waters, rolling hills, and intoxicating music that danced through sweet summer air- time transfixed.

            Some may think that after living in the same 15 mi² town for 17 years there would be nothing new left to discover. However, I think that the world can work in magical ways, saving new treasures and experiences for us to find along the way, saving some sweetness for the future, setting pace to the unexpected sparks that flare amongst the mundane.

SF Pride 2015: Nude Souls and Dancing on Poles

PRIDE 2015

With the convenient timing of the supreme court’s decision to legalize gay marriage in all 50 states, this year’s LGBT pride parade was the most balls to the wall celebration we have yet to see… literally. The streets of San Francisco’s Civic Center were flooded with half-naked rejoice as people fled in from the surrounding bay area. I myself, sat on an overly crowded BART train, covered in glitter, anticipating a day of celebration, and ready to see more of people than ever wanted to.

An energy of mass quantity could be felt coursing through the crowds, an energy that creates an environment where all is accepted. It’s this energy that gives someone the confidence and spirit to run though a street with nothing but nipple stickers and thongs on, or the humorously dubbed “cock sock”. However, nudity is not the only way to express this fired spirit, because the bottom line is: this energy is felt in everyone. Instead of stripping into bare-nones, I found myself climbing a street lamp for a better view of the “dikes on bikes” that kicked off the parade. Many parade goers found the sight of six girls climbing a street lamp to be quite amusing and posed for pictures with us as we tried to both dance to the pumping music and maneuver our feet in the clinging hope that we don’t fall (NOT an easy task!). Not only did we get a better sight of the parade, but the parade got a better sight of us. It was in this moment that my soul became one with the “nipple stickers” and “cock socks”, because, while my body remained moderately covered, it was my soul that became nude. It’s an unique environment that allows a person to feed off such an infectious and intense energy, somehow making them felt seen for who they are no matter how dense the crowd gets. I can forever be proud of our countries acceptance of love and marriage, but it’s only one day that I get to feel the freedom we have been granted alongside the other energetic spirits this event creates.Dancing to the mixes of the “indie oasis” dj, laughing with complete strangers, and staring up at where tall city buildings meet cloudy skies, I was intoxicated by the overwhelming spirit of the event.

The Beginning of the End

June 30th 2015…

WHY? Why did I start a blog?

We humans think an awful lot. Really, it’s a wonder we aren’t all raving lunatics…well perhaps we are, but we are lunatics together. My thoughts explode with such great color and passion that I get lost in my own head, my best to describe this is to take you back in time to your high school chemistry class (sorry for that nightmare)!

Solutions can either be unsaturated, saturated, or supersaturated. They are comprised of solutes and solvents, solutes being added to solvents- such as salt being added to water, or thoughts added to mind. In unsaturated solutions the is more solvent than solute, more can be added, there is space to lend. In saturated solutions, the solvent has reached it’s maximum threshold, the solute and solvent are in balance, full. In a supersaturated solution the solute has broken the solvent’s threshold, containing more solute than can be dissolved. Supersaturated solutions are unsteady and temporary. my mind is supersaturated. My thoughts are the overbearing solute in the solvent that is my mind.

I think myself into such great messes I can no longer see where I started, I am clouded. In order to clear my mind of tangled thoughts, I share them with you, removing nuggets of my insanity and placing them here. So, friend, you are WARNED- what you read here are my insane, messy, passionate, and at times toxic thoughts that now cast upon you.