The Beginning of the End

June 30th 2015…

WHY? Why did I start a blog?

We humans think an awful lot. Really, it’s a wonder we aren’t all raving lunatics…well perhaps we are, but we are lunatics together. My thoughts explode with such great color and passion that I get lost in my own head, my best to describe this is to take you back in time to your high school chemistry class (sorry for that nightmare)!

Solutions can either be unsaturated, saturated, or supersaturated. They are comprised of solutes and solvents, solutes being added to solvents- such as salt being added to water, or thoughts added to mind. In unsaturated solutions the is more solvent than solute, more can be added, there is space to lend. In saturated solutions, the solvent has reached it’s maximum threshold, the solute and solvent are in balance, full. In a supersaturated solution the solute has broken the solvent’s threshold, containing more solute than can be dissolved. Supersaturated solutions are unsteady and temporary. my mind is supersaturated. My thoughts are the overbearing solute in the solvent that is my mind.

I think myself into such great messes I can no longer see where I started, I am clouded. In order to clear my mind of tangled thoughts, I share them with you, removing nuggets of my insanity and placing them here. So, friend, you are WARNED- what you read here are my insane, messy, passionate, and at times toxic thoughts that now cast upon you.


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