SF Pride 2015: Nude Souls and Dancing on Poles

PRIDE 2015

With the convenient timing of the supreme court’s decision to legalize gay marriage in all 50 states, this year’s LGBT pride parade was the most balls to the wall celebration we have yet to see… literally. The streets of San Francisco’s Civic Center were flooded with half-naked rejoice as people fled in from the surrounding bay area. I myself, sat on an overly crowded BART train, covered in glitter, anticipating a day of celebration, and ready to see more of people than ever wanted to.

An energy of mass quantity could be felt coursing through the crowds, an energy that creates an environment where all is accepted. It’s this energy that gives someone the confidence and spirit to run though a street with nothing but nipple stickers and thongs on, or the humorously dubbed “cock sock”. However, nudity is not the only way to express this fired spirit, because the bottom line is: this energy is felt in everyone. Instead of stripping into bare-nones, I found myself climbing a street lamp for a better view of the “dikes on bikes” that kicked off the parade. Many parade goers found the sight of six girls climbing a street lamp to be quite amusing and posed for pictures with us as we tried to both dance to the pumping music and maneuver our feet in the clinging hope that we don’t fall (NOT an easy task!). Not only did we get a better sight of the parade, but the parade got a better sight of us. It was in this moment that my soul became one with the “nipple stickers” and “cock socks”, because, while my body remained moderately covered, it was my soul that became nude. It’s an unique environment that allows a person to feed off such an infectious and intense energy, somehow making them felt seen for who they are no matter how dense the crowd gets. I can forever be proud of our countries acceptance of love and marriage, but it’s only one day that I get to feel the freedom we have been granted alongside the other energetic spirits this event creates.Dancing to the mixes of the “indie oasis” dj, laughing with complete strangers, and staring up at where tall city buildings meet cloudy skies, I was intoxicated by the overwhelming spirit of the event.

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