Roaring Simplicity and the Fondest of Memories

 It’s the simplicity in the world that brings the most happiness. Days spent away from the noise, the noise of technology, the noise of humming social media, and the noise of toxic judgments, are days that build the fondest of memories.

 Escape. Drove through the sheltered walls of my small town to… simple escape. Accompanied by three of my friends,I took a much deserved day off to flee to the coast, to a beach at which I have spent endless summer days with never a sour moment (except of coarse the all too often sun burn). There isn’t a better feeling on a breezy summer day than falling asleep on the warm sand to drum of crashing waves as you defrost from the hours spent diving through the icy northern California waters. It is a simple, carefree, summer lovin disposition that seems to melt my body down to the purest of simple joy. Stinson beach- surrounded by its quaint town, rolling green coastal range, dancing blanket of fog, and its roaring ice blue waves- has created a home in my heart.

It’s the simple days I spend at Stinson that create the fondest of memories.

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